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Anti-Piracy Solutions

Track and remove illegal content at the source to increase your copyright’s lifetime value.

Online Reputation Management

We've been helping people secure the jobs of their dreams and meet their goals.

Impersonation Removal

Find and remove fake accounts, apps, sites, and domains to protect your customers and reputation.

Cyber Security

We Protect your sense of worth, identity, emotional anchorage, self-esteem, personal strength.

Our Working Process

Once you have cleared and registered your trademark, maintaining its uniqueness is key to ensuring its continued value.

Our brand protection systems process millions of online listings, mentions, images, and other brand-relevant data points.

If you need to go further, Corsearch offers clustered indexes of information which are linked within the integrated ecosystem to our Intelligence unit.

We understand how consumers search and connect with pirated content across search engines, social media, and websites.